The journal promotes and disseminates research in environmental learning from around the globe, while highlighting diversity and inclusivity. It does so in two ways: first, it mirrors a diversity of voices and cultures that are conducting research in an ever-broadening and increasingly global field of inquiry; second: it illuminates further potential for diversity (in research) by highlighting a range of methodologies salient in other fields that have promise for the practice of research in environmental and sustainability education.


Eco-thinking makes research findings accessible to both researchers and practitioners by publishing as an ‘open access journal’, and by providing ‘extended abstracts’ so that a broader range of readers can access the ideas we publish.


Vol 1

Table of Contents


David Bryan Zandvliet
Bonnie Shapiro
Julie Singleton
Connie Cirkony
Vicki Kelly
Sandyha Coll
Susan Blackley, Rachel Sheffield
Kim Smith
Endang Widi Winarni